Selasa, 15 Januari 2013

BBM v7.0.0.130 (BETA) (OS 5.0-7.1)

BBM v7.0.0.130 (BETA) (OS 5.0-7.1) 

 KEYCODE masih sama dengan BBM v7 yg lama

BBM 7.0.1 now supports BlackBerry 5.0 Devices:
-Support for devices running OS 5.0
-Faster call setup for BBM Voice sessions
-Improved device accessory handling (Bluetooth and headset integration)
-BBID setup and integration improvements

ChangeLog v7.0.0.130:
-This bundle ( contains support for BlackBerry 5.0 devices.

Known Issues List for
-Incorrect application version, instead of 7.0.1.x