Selasa, 15 Januari 2013

BBM 7.0 Now Supports OS 5.0!

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BBM 7.0 Now Supports OS 5.0!
We are excited to announce that the BBM 7.0.1 beta program has opened and now supports BlackBerry device OS 5.0. Some other changes included in this version include:

  • Faster call setup for BBM Voice sessions
  • Improved device accessory handling (Bluetooth and headset integration)
  • BBID setup and integration improvements

Check under 'Eligible Programs' to see if BBM 7.0.1 is available in your region and then download and test it out! Let us know what you think!



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This program is really more of a community.  While we’re certainly looking to collect your feedback about the BlackBerry Beta Zone user site, our primary goal here is to build a strong, engaged community for you to discuss features, issues, ideas and just about anything you’d like talk about with your fellow Beta Zone members.
And just in case you’ve ever wondered, we read all posts and feedback offered by our Beta Zone community members. Because we receive so many great ideas though, we don’t always have the time to respond directly to members regarding their thoughts, but we're always listening.
There are a few different ways for you to offer us feedback and to immerse yourself in the community that is BlackBerry Beta Zone:
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