Minggu, 26 Februari 2012

BBM v6.1.0.71 (Official) (OS 5.0-6.0-7.0-7.1)

BBM v6.1.0.71 (Official) (OS 5.0-6.0-7.0-7.1) 

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Release: February 25, 2012
File Size: 6958 KB
Support: appworldsupport@blackberry.com
Website: http://mobile.blackberry.com/home.jsf?shortcut=appsupport

Item Description

Get into BlackBerry® Messenger and express yourself – your way. Share your pin or unique barcode to connect with friends anywhere, anytime. Take comfort in knowing your friends are only a BlackBerry® Messenger message away whether you want to make plans for the night or ask a quick question. Chat and share funny stories, pictures, videos and more with individual contacts or groups of friends instantly. Even share app experiences with BBM-connected apps – so that the things you love to do on your BlackBerry smartphone can now be shared.

Stay in touch like never before with BlackBerry® Messenger.

New on the latest version of BBM:
• Support for Animated Avatars - display pictures can now be animated!
• Enjoy a new selection of Emoticons
• Double the space to update your Personal Messages
• Customize the colour of chat bubbles for your contacts
• Simpler display picture update from the camera app – snap a picture and display it on BBM right away

1. Before downloading, please back up your contact list by displaying the menu within BlackBerry Messenger - Options - Back Up. (Available for users of BBM 5.0 and above. )
2. Please ensure that you are using RIM or carrier approved BlackBerry® Device Software to avoid compatibility issues that may result in loss of the BBM icon.
3. After installing the new version of BBM, please restart your device.

BBM v6.1.0.71 OS 5.0 ~ 4.35MB
BBM v6.1.0.71 OS 6.0 ~ 4.60MB
BBM v6.1.0.71 OS 7.0 ~ 4.62MB
BBM v6.1.0.71 OS 7.1 ~ 4.58MB